Mission Statement

Our mission is to be recognized for excellence in research discovery, top-rated infrastructure and amenities.

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CORE Project Goals.

The Connected Environment

Establish a “neighborhood-centered” research park and community that’s accessible and efficient.

Natural Surroundings

Protect and enhance the existing environment while working in harmony with the natural landscape.

Character & Identity

Create a best-in-class research environment on the leading edge of architectural design.

Key Guiding Principles

Environmental stewardship, protection and preservation of the natural landscape guide the development of CORE at Lakewood Ranch.

  • Create a World-Class Environment
  • Attract Leading Businesses
  • Foster Innovation
  • Stimulate Competitiveness
  • Promote Sustainability

Create a World-Class Environment

We intend to create a world-class research campus environment that demonstrates best practices in sustainable development and environmental preservation.


Attract Leading Businesses

We are attracting leading businesses to an environment that promotes collaboration and is a sustainable model of economic development.


Foster Innovation

The Campus will incubate new discoveries and technologies that foster innovation.


Stimulate Competitiveness

The Campus encourages collaboration which, in turn, stimulates a competitive edge in new and emerging markets that focus on research, health and education.


Promote Sustainability

Through sustainable development practices, plans for the short-term growth of the Campus align with our long-term vision.


Developing Infrastructure

Infrastructure Design

Infrastructure Design

CORE is designed with a concentration of larger buildings in the center that step down in height and scale as they approach the perimeter to provide a transition between the dense research facilities and surrounding residential development.


Fostering Innovation

Fostering Innovation

Fostering Innovation

New and exploratory academic research partnerships, supported by new models for private and public funding, offer promising and potential breakthroughs.


Do Business at CORE

CORE is looking for a specific mix of innovative entrepreneurs and established leaders. For more information or for details about available business opportunities, contact us at Lakewood Ranch Commercial.

Lakewood Ranch Commercial

14400 Covenant Way
Lakewood Ranch, FL 34202

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